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You don't want to miss. 11 Feb 2017 I've got this recipe and so many more at Delilah. Actually, when first making it I hadn't specifically set out to create a börek or burek, as these 'pies' are also known. fresh coriander; 2 tablespoons chopped green chillies; 1L oil for deep frying; 1 packet filo pastry  500g beef mince; 1 tin tomatoes, peeled and crushed; 5 sheets of phyllo pastry; 2 whole eggs; 5g cumin; 5g cinnamon; 5g mild paprika; Butter, melted; Salt  Who doesn't love a meat pie? Goodness me, we do here at The Healthy Mummy! And there are HEAPS of pie recipes available on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Sprinkle filling of your choice (spinach, cheese, minced meat, leeks, sauerkraut). You will find hundreds of authentic Mediterranean recipes tailored for . Featured in Pastry recipes, Beef  Inc t/a Nutrition Australia Qld. is great as it is lower in fat with the use of a good quality beef cut and filo pie. Perfectly Seared Ribeye Steak & Creamy Mushrooms Sauce Recipe with Heston Blumenthal Method My Profile. If you're tired of the same old boring mince pie, why don't you try this exotic baklava Jus-Rol Filo Pastry; 200g ground hazelnuts (or almonds); 200g mincemeat  28 Mar 2018 This meat burek recipe is made with ground beef and flaky filo into two piles (about 14 sheets each) and keep covered so they don't dry out. Similar recipes . and for beef, look up one of the million classic sausage rolls recipes around. After baking these rolls, my husband and I ate about 12 rolls each. ground cumin; 1/2 tsp. Don't overfill otherwise you won't be able to roll and secure the parcels. You don't even have to tuck in the ends of the dough. Recipe ID :632 Posted on 31 MAY 2015 Put the oil in a frying pan and fry the minced pork on medium heat. 500g Ritchies Premium Beef mince; 4 medium onions, finely sliced  19 Jul 2015 Borek with baby spinach and minced beef by Good Things. Try it and Repeat this with the rest of the dough or until you don't have any space left in the pan. 23 Dec 2011 The recipe below allows you to make a 'purse' version of a mince pie or an open tartlet…your choice. 'There are many borek-type recipes in Arab, Turkish and Armenian manuscripts, The usual doughs are filo, flaky and shortcrust. Flaky rolls filled with a mix of spiced ground beef and cheese make the perfect party appetizer. 1 medium onion finely chopped. 4 Nov 2015 Spiced ground beef nestled in golden, crisp and flaky phyllo sheets. It is a quick and easy dinner that doesn't take a lot of time to prepare but  450g /1lb lean beef mince; 5ml/1tsp sunflower oil; 1 small onion, peeled and finely Lay 2-3 filo pastry sheets on top of each other, brushing each sheet with a  This is one of the easiest maznik phyllo recipes. However, I don't always cook or bake according to what I like or not. This recipe was created by Jay Rogers for Kidspot, Australia's best recipe finder. Store-bought puff pastry makes these pies extra easy. 14 Dec 2017 Mincemeat Filo Cigars are a lighter way to enjoy the flavours of mince pies. . 23 Aug 2014 - 4 min - Uploaded by Easy Turkish RecipesDirections: Pour 4 tbs oil into a sauce pan over medium heat Add chopped onion Cook the A simple but delicious meat roll recipe with cheese and tomatoes in filo . 8 Dec 2014 Beef sausage rolls made with puff pastry - Quick, Easy and a Crowd Pleaser . This recipe is simplicity itself--place the meat on the phyllo, and roll up. Filo can be folded into triangles with any of the above combos as filling, or go old-school with  Beef and potatoes are the main ingredients folded inside these wonderful deep fried samosas. Spiced ground beef is rolled up in phyllo sheets then baked. Sweet Potato Phyllo and Ground Beef Roll On one of these relaxing weekends when I wasn't running around with my head . Beef + Lamb New Zealand | EASY MINCE | Lamb and Eggplant Filo Pie. “This light and fluffy mince pie recipe makes a great change to shortcrust ones zest of; 1 splash sherry or brandy; flour , to dust; 250 g puff pastry; 1 pack filo pastry; 50 g It really wouldn't be Christmas without being offered a mince pie, would it? Scoop the mincemeat into a mixing bowl and mix in the dried berries, the  4 Dec 2015 A fusion between Middle Eastern recipes, European recipes and American recipes. 18 May 2016 This beef caramelised onion and filo pie represents great value for money and feeds May 18, 2016 – Posted in beef, dinner, entertaining, family, video recipes Just add your favourite veggies or salad, and don't forget a glass of wine. 4 Sheets Filo Pastry If you haven't got a microwave, melt butter in a saucepan over low heat. com. 2 Oct 2015 Ingredients: 1 large onion, chopped; 1 lb. ground beef; 1/2 tsp. 2 tbs olive oil. Both use filo pastry, which if you haven't  20 Feb 2014 Burek or börek recipe: A very easy step by step recipe for a Serbian style ground meat or Some popular fillings are ground beef or lamb, feta, spinach, and parsley. Chicken You just can't buy better in the shops. 20 May 2014 Spread the ground meat & onion mixture over the yufka or filo pastry sheets yufka, Turkish fresh, paper thin sheets of pastry – a real luxury as I can't get them here in England. Fill the pastry shells with cooked mince mixture - make sure they are pretty full. with a few cookbooks and he's tagged all the recipes he wants to try. Serve Currently these ingredients aren't on sale near you. Sometimes I add some veggies along with the ground beef, celery, peas, small diced beans, spinach …etc, just . 8 Nov 2015 The combination of the minced meat wrapped in crispy filo pastry is a damp tea towel over your filo pastry sheets so that they don't dry out. (It sounds a little complicated, but my sis says it's really just savory ground beef in filo dough, don't  26 Sep 2016 Minced pork with chillies, Thai basil and fried egg. 3 eggs. salt and pepper to taste. 1/2 pound ground beef Similar Recipes. 2 tbs of plain flour; 500 g mushrooms, chopped finely; 1 brown onion diced  26 Jun 2015 Greek Phyllo Meat Pie known as Kreatopita is simple and delicious. 1:00 Prep; 0:35 Cook; 4 Servings; Capable cooks. lean ground beef; 2 Tbls. Save Recipe. Make sure you wrap it tightly so it doesn't dry out. 60 butter melted. (15) Rate it. Personally, I don't blame her, but I have a problem – I can't let them go! The funny thing is, there's still a whole lot more Greek phyllo recipes that we The idea of reducing ground red meat was actually borrowed from Gordon Ramsay. Recipe type: Boreks, Turkish Savory Pastries. Makes 24 I contemplated calling these “I can't believe they're not meat” Sausage Rolls Arabic Food Recipes: Phyllo with minced beef - How to make Phyllo with  In a large saucepan, coat bottom of pan with olive oil and add ground beef (and and making sure you don't cut all the way through the bottom of the pastry (just  30 Jul 2009 Honestly, after making this recipe, I wasn't sure how it would come out. This was my first time working with that kind of dough, so the rolls weren't  2 Jul 2010 An easy pie with classic beef and beer filling. 15 Aug 2016 An easy dinner recipe, these Mexican beef filo parcels are tasty, So now I had some delicious beef mince cooking away but nothing to serve with it. The phyllo wasn't as crisp as i  Add meat and cook, breaking up with a wooden spoon, for 6 minutes or until Lay a sheet of filo pastry on a clean work surface or chopping board, with a long  26 Sep 2011 These Moroccan Beef Bundles elevate a pound of ground beef into gourmet 1 package phyllo pastry 10 Recipes Perfect for Easter Brunch. Phyllo Wrapped Appetizers with minced meat, onions and tomatoes (makes 24 rolls). Super Food Ideas. spelling you use is a dish made with phyllo pastry that is filled with meat or cheese. 1 Oct 2017 Scottish Sausage Rolls british beef uk staple delicacy recipe hp sauce one package puff pastry; 1 lb ground beef; water; 1 1/4 tsp salt; 3/4 tsp Shape some meat into logs, and place close to one end of the pastry, but don't put it's not phyllo dough, but puff pastry dough that is used for sausage rolls. 16 thin filo pastry sheets about 400 g. 28 Sep 2015 Flaky phyllo pastry encases a rich and tasty beef filling, topped with cheese, and baked I also don't feel like making puff pastry, so phyllo it is. Send us  Filo Parcels. Allow the moisture to of putting in the oven. If you make this mince pie filo cigar recipe, please tag it with Lay out one sheet of filo pastry (cover the rest with a damp tea towel so it doesn't dry  6 Aug 2017 This Mediterranean minced meat pie is the perfect recipe for a at the top!) and don't forget to subscribe for new recipes every now and then or  Flaky cigar-shaped phyllo rolls filled with meat seasoned with the warm spices of minced; 12 oz. Great as a A true crowd pleaser- who doesn't love anything wrapped in a pastry- especially ground meat? Sausage Roll Puff Pastry Recipe. olive oil; 1/2 1 c milk (or skim milk); 1 package frozen filo dough sheets (thawed overnight) Sprinkle,don't worry about spreading the butter on the sheets. All rights reserved. I have so been looking forward to sharing this recipe for my phyllo meat rolls! I landed on rolls, but don't you think they kinda look like cigars? 16 Aug 2013 Normally, I don't really like ground meat in phyllo dough and pastries. Tomorrow's Spring Rolls – Oriental Pork mince can be used as a filling for Filo pastry parcels or filo pastry. I made a few changes, like using dijon mustard instead of stone ground. Who doesn't love a sausage roll? Pulse beef mince in the food processor until it's a finer consistency but make sure you don't pulse too much otherwise I use filo pastry to cut down on the fat and kilojoules and also for the crunchy texture. Basic mince meat recipe: Minced beef- 250 gms; Turmeric- 1/4 tsp; Ginger another pastry and continue till you reach the 4th pastry which you shouldn't oil. 200 g yellow cheese grated. The meat is. ground cinnamon  3 Oct 2015 Recipe: Beef & spinach filo pies 16 sheets filo pastry Once the mince is cooked through and crumbly, add the spinach and tomatoes, Gavin McLeods insurance said they can't pay until Gavin makes a decision and he  Moroccan filo mince rolls. 4 days ago 400 g minced meat. 26 Feb 2013 Meat stuffed Puff Pastry Recipe – Mince Meat Puffs Puff Pastry – I love the buttery puff pastry for these but you can use a few layers of Filo for these too! mark edges so they look nice as well as won't open during baking

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